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Benny & Hayley’s Ultimate Y62 Tourer



Benny’s Y62 tourer build is a sight to behold, equipped with everything he and his wonderful wife Hayley need for their caravaning trip around Australia. Here’s a comprehensive list of the goods and safety essentials we’ve provided to keep them safe and comfortable on the road:

  • Ironman 4×4 Raid Bullbar, Winch, Recovery Points, Cube Fog Lights, and Lightbar: Built tough to handle any obstacle, providing essential protection and enhanced visibility in all conditions.

  • Touring Solutions Australia HBMC (Hydraulic Body Motion Control) GVM and GCM Upgrade: Engineered to handle the rigors of extended touring, ensuring optimal performance and safety even when fully loaded. Includes rear control arms and Airbag Man On Board Air Control Airbags for added stability and control.

  • Van 12V Electrical Setup with Anderson Plugs, Redarc Tow Pro Elite, and 12 Pin Plug: Keep power flowing to essential accessories and devices, with seamless integration for towing and caravaning needs.

  • Redarc BDCD Battery Charger with Solar, 240V Inverter, 12V Outlets for Fridges, and Charging: Stay powered up wherever the journey takes them, with efficient charging solutions for both batteries and devices.

  • ARB Air Compressor Mounted in Rear Quarter with TLR Mounting Plate: Easily adjust tire pressure on the go for optimal performance in varying terrain.

  • Drifta Drawers + Fridge Slide: Organize gear and supplies efficiently, with easy access to essentials and space for a fridge to keep provisions fresh.

  • Method Race Wheels “314” Wrapped in Big Maxxis Rubber: Style meets performance with these rugged wheels and tires, ready to tackle any terrain.

  • Rhino Rack Roof Rack with Awning: Maximize storage and create a comfortable outdoor living space with this versatile roof rack setup.

  • GME XRS UHF with GMF Bonnet Mount Bracket: Stay connected and informed with reliable communication equipment.

  • Safari Armax Snorkel: Protect the engine and enhance performance in dusty or waterlogged conditions.

  • 3.5″ Exhaust: Improve engine efficiency and power output for enhanced towing capabilities.

  • Clearview Compact Mirrors with Camera Provision, BSM, Power Fold, and Electric Controls: Enhance visibility and safety while towing, with advanced features for added convenience and confidence.

With these upgrades, Benny and Hayley’s Y62 tourer is fully equipped to handle the challenges of their caravaning adventure around Australia, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable journey. Here’s to many memorable miles ahead!

Gregs GR Sport

300 series gr sport

“Greg’s Dream Build: A Canvas Transformed into Reality”

Greg entrusted Billy with an open canvas, and the results speak for themselves. Feast your eyes on the details:

  • Method Race Wheels “318” in Gloss to Match the GR Highlights: Elevate the aesthetics with these sleek wheels, perfectly complementing the vehicle’s design highlights.

  • Ironman 4×4 Raid Bullbar, Winch, Recovery Points, Cube Fog Lights, and Lightbar: Crafted for durability and functionality, this setup ensures maximum protection and visibility on any adventure.

  • Safari Armax Snorkel: Enhance engine performance and protect against dust and water ingress with this essential off-road accessory.

  • Dobinsons Subtle Front Load Spring: Engineered to handle the weight of the bullbar while maintaining optimal ride quality and performance.

  • Richards Under Bonnet Dual Battery Setup with Rear Sockets and ARB Air Compressor: Power up with confidence, thanks to this robust electrical system equipped with rear sockets for convenience and an ARB air compressor for on-the-go adjustments.

  • Ironman 4×4 Big Tube Side Steps: Strike the perfect balance between form and function with these rugged side steps, providing easy access while enhancing the vehicle’s appearance.

From the meticulous selection of components to the seamless integration, this build exemplifies craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s more than just a vehicle – it’s a reflection of Greg’s vision brought to life by Billy’s expertise.




    Chris and Julie’s Pajero Sport

    Hunter East coast 4x4 Gloucester yard

     It’s always a pleasure to welcome back valued customers like Chris and Julie, who had an exceptional experience with us previously and returned to outfit their ultimate tourer. Here’s what we’ve tailored for their needs:

    • Ironman Commercial Deluxe Bullbar with Recovery Points & Winch: Engineered for durability and functionality, this bullbar is ready to tackle any challenge on and off the road, complete with recovery points for added peace of mind, and a winch for when the going gets tough.

    • Hayman Reese 3T Tow Bar: Designed for heavy-duty towing, ensuring Chris and Julie can bring along all their gear for the adventure ahead with ease and confidence.

    • Safari Snorkel: Enhance engine performance and protect against water crossings and dusty environments with this essential off-road accessory.

    • Underbonnet DC-DC Redarc Battery Charger: Keep the power flowing to their accessories and devices with this reliable charger, ensuring they’re always powered up and ready for the journey ahead.

    • Rhino Rack Platform with Accessories: Maximize storage capacity and versatility with this premium roof rack system, perfect for carrying extra gear and equipment securely.

    • Brown Davis Underbody Protection: Safeguard vital components from damage during off-road adventures, providing added peace of mind when navigating rough terrain.

    • On-board ARB Air Compressor (Hidden in the Rear Wheel Well): Convenient and discreet, this air compressor ensures Chris and Julie can adjust tire pressure on the go, essential for optimal performance in varying terrain.

    With these upgrades, Chris and Julie’s tourer is equipped to handle any adventure they throw its way, combining functionality, durability, and convenience for an unforgettable journey. We look forward to hearing about their next adventure!




    Al’s Tough Extra Cab Ranger

    Hunter East coast 4x4 Gloucester yard

    Get ready to feast your eyes on this stunning ute, meticulously designed with tasteful color-coded parts to complement its sleek body. Notice the absence of rear flares? No worries, Al has plans for a tray next week!

    • Ironman 4×4 Proguard Bullbar & Recovery Points: Built tough to handle any challenge on the road or off, while seamlessly blending with the vehicle’s aesthetics.

    • Ironman 4×4 Winch: Ready to pull its weight in any situation, ensuring Alex never gets stuck in a tight spot.

    • Wheel and Tyre Package: A perfect match for both style and performance, these wheels and tyres elevate the ute’s appearance and capabilities.

    • Wedgetail Roof Platform and Brace Kit: Maximize cargo space and versatility with this sturdy roof platform, perfect for all of AL’s gear.

    • Stainless Snorkel: Enhancing both functionality and style, this stainless snorkel ensures the engine breathes easy, even in the toughest conditions.

    • EGR Colour Coded Flares: Seamlessly integrated with the body, these flares add a touch of ruggedness while maintaining a cohesive look.

    • Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell Pro Lift Kit with Colour Coded Springs: Elevate both the look and performance of the ute with this premium lift kit, complete with color-coded springs for a polished finish.

    • Raptor Style Ford Grille with Colour Coded Lettering: Make a statement on the road with this eye-catching grille upgrade, customized to match the ute’s color scheme.

    • Great White Driving Lights: Illuminate the path ahead with confidence, thanks to these powerful driving lights that cut through the darkness with ease.

    From its rugged exterior to its meticulously crafted details, this ute is a true showstopper that’s as capable as it is beautiful. Alex’s adventures are about to reach new heights – and look good doing it! 

    Alex’s On-Time Work Ute


    Check out Alex’s latest ride straight from the showroom floor to our workshop – it’s an absolute beast!

    Here’s a rundown of the upgrades:

    • Ironman 4×4 Bullbar: Built tough for the roughest terrain, complete with recovery points, square 5×7 spotties, and a winch.

    • Ironman 4×4 Snorkel: Ready to tackle deep water crossings without skipping a beat.

    • Method Race Wheels Wrapped In TOYO Rubber: Style meets substance with these rugged wheels and tires.

    • Redarc 160ah Dual Battery Setup: Keep the power flowing with an inverter and custom solar mount, seamlessly integrated to keep those roof racks functional.

    • Ironman 4×4 GVM Upgrade: Beefed-up suspension with Foam Cell Pro shocks for maximum off-road performance.

    • Airbag Man On Board Air Control System: Adjust your ride on the fly with this complete air control system.

    • Rhino Rack Cab Racks with Rear Platform: Load up and hit the road with confidence, knowing your gear is secure.

    • Trig Point Full Custom Service Body: Tailored to fit Alex’s needs perfectly, this service body is as practical as it is stylish.

    • GME XRS Radio: Stay connected no matter where the adventure takes you with this reliable radio.

    • Cell-Fi Go Range Extender: Never lose touch with the outside world, even in the most remote locations.

    • Mirror Replacement Reverse Camera: Maneuver with ease thanks to this high-tech reverse camera system.

    Get ready to turn heads and conquer any terrain with this fully equipped ride. Alex’s adventure starts now. 

    Billy’s RFDS Outback Car Trek 200 Series



    Every year, we proudly support the Royal Flying Doctor Service charity event, ‘The Outback Car Trek’, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for their invaluable work. This challenging trek spans thousands of kilometers through treacherous terrain, and we’re honored to have Bil, the organizer of this remarkable event, trust us to prepare his 200 series for the 2020 Trek and beyond. Here’s what we’ve equipped his vehicle with:

    • Ironman 4×4 Bullbar, Lights, Snorkel: Built tough to withstand the rigors of off-road driving, providing essential protection and enhanced visibility in any condition.

    • GVM Upgrade: Strengthened to handle the heavy loads and demanding terrain encountered during the trek, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

    • Fuel Separator + Catch Can: Essential components to maintain engine health and performance, particularly in remote areas where fuel quality may vary.

    • Outback Interiors Roof Console + Drawer System: Maximize storage and organization with this premium interior setup, tailored for the demands of long-distance travel.

    • Polaris In-Dash GPS Unit with HEMA Maps: Navigate with confidence through the most remote regions, with detailed mapping and reliable GPS functionality.

    • Cell-Fi Reception Booster: Stay connected even in the most remote locations, ensuring constant communication and safety throughout the journey.

    • GME XRS UHF: Reliable communication is paramount, and this UHF radio ensures clear and consistent contact with fellow trekkers and support teams.

    • Rhino Rack Backbone with Platform + Awning: Expand the vehicle’s carrying capacity and create a comfortable outdoor living space with this versatile roof rack setup.

    • Rear Facing Flashing Lights: Enhance visibility and safety, particularly during low-light conditions or in high-traffic areas.

    • Outback Accessories Rear Wheel Carrier: Securely transport spare wheels, essential for peace of mind when traversing remote and rugged terrain.

    • MSA Drop Slide: Easily access gear and supplies stored in the rear of the vehicle, maximizing convenience and efficiency during stops.

    With these enhancements, Bil’s 200 series is ready to conquer the Outback Car Trek, supporting a worthy cause while tackling some of Australia’s most challenging landscapes. Here’s to a successful and impactful journey ahead!